Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Cat Lady Vegan Chocolate Cake

Forget about diamonds, chocolate really is a girl's best friend. It is there through thick, thin, sickness, health, breakups, and just whenever. 

Today for lunch I was really craving chocolate cake (don't judge me) so I turned to this recipe for One-Minute Chocolate Cake from Chocolate Covered Katie

I used whole wheat flour instead of spelt and substituted natural applesauce instead of the oil to make it a bit lighter. 

You just mix up all of the ingredients in a bowl, transfer it to a microwaveable container, and zap it. I'd say it came out looking rather pretty...

..until I tried to take it out of the ramekin. It broke in half but still tasted great XP

If you have a favorite chocolate recipe I'd love for you to share =] I love experimenting with new recipes. 

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